Every blog post has been prayerfully written to help you build a strong foundation as a believer, strengthen your fellowship with others, build your faith, and increase your fruitfulness. Check out more posts in this category below.


Humble Faith

When Christians Disagree I had an interesting conversation with a fellow person of faith recently. We found ourselves talking about the various perspectives of people of faith, specifically those...

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Struggling Together

Three months after our wedding, my husband lost his job. And for nearly a year, in the most expensive city in the US, we went through one of the toughest financial hardships we would face. While...

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Part of Something Bigger

After holding off as long as I could, I recently became a soccer mom. Our oldest kids, now 7 and 5, had done a little soccer skills program on weekday mornings, but I knew that once we jumped into...

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Brotherly Love

I have two sons born 22 months apart. They are sandwiched between two sisters, all four born within seven years. Ours was a busy, noisy, chaotic household for about two decades as they grew up and...

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Car Accidents and Confidence

Back in the late ‘90s, I drove my four kids around in a giant custom van. You know, the kind that is almost tall enough to stand in, with screen windows and reclining captain's seats in the back? We...

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Warring Together

The last six months of life have sucked. Can you use that word on a Christian blog? I hope you're okay with it because I don't know a more eloquent way to describe what I've experienced. I suspect...

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