Every blog post has been prayerfully written to help you build a strong foundation as a believer, strengthen your fellowship with others, build your faith, and increase your fruitfulness. Check out more posts in this category below.


A Prayer for 2024

Father, we are thankful for Your care. We acknowledge that You are great and majestic. You are above all—nothing and no one compares to You. We are grateful for this new year. Even though we might...

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Active Devotion to God’s Word

A passionate commitment to the study of God's Word will change your life. Choosing to actively devote yourself to reading, believing, and obeying His Word might be a challenge, but it's a challenge...

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I’m sitting here alone at my cozy writing retreat on a bright cold day, with a blank sheet of paper in front of me, wondering what thoughts to put down.  I’m feeling out of thoughts, at least...

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The Provision or the Provider?

I have made answered prayer an idol. I’ve traded seeking the kingdom of God with seeking the things He said He would add, and I’ve desired answers more than the One who promised to answer. It was...

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