Every blog post has been prayerfully written to help you build a strong foundation as a believer, strengthen your fellowship with others, build your faith, and increase your fruitfulness. Check out more posts in this category below.


Are You in It To Win It?

I was the captain of my Baltimore area high school track team in the late 1970s. I ran hurdles and participated in the mile relay. I always hated it when our coach told us on the first day of...

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What motivates people to do good things? I've been thinking about being a good person, about motivations, about what to do with the accolades we sometimes receive when we do something good. Hebrews...

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On Juggling and Daily Life

Do you feel like you’re juggling too many things in daily life and you can’t keep up with all of the tasks? Do you ever feel overwhelmed the moment you wake up or feel bombarded with decisions while...

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No Wasted Efforts Here

I hate wasting things. Growing up in a household of nine, wastefulness was a luxury we simply couldn’t afford. I’ve carried some of that with me into adulthood. Whether it’s food that’s been in the...

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Live with the End in Mind

Stephen Covey has taught many to “Begin with the end in mind.”  It’s a good habit, and certainly, many highly effective people have it.  I was reminded of this habit while reading Paul’s...

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Under Pressure?

When life is most intense, when the pressure is on, we can be given to making excuses for losing our temper, talking over people, or just plain ignoring what others may be trying to tell us. I mean,...

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