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A Prayer for 2024

Father, we are thankful for Your care. We acknowledge that You are great and majestic. You are above all—nothing and no one compares to You. We are grateful for this new year. Even though we might...

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Sucker Punched

POW! I was blindsided and sucker-punched from out of nowhere, landing me in a place of despair. Somehow, I found myself knocked out from a blow that I didn’t see coming, and there I lay, curled up...

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Warring Together

The last six months of life have sucked. Can you use that word on a Christian blog? I hope you're okay with it because I don't know a more eloquent way to describe what I've experienced. I suspect...

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The Provision or the Provider?

I have made answered prayer an idol. I’ve traded seeking the kingdom of God with seeking the things He said He would add, and I’ve desired answers more than the One who promised to answer. It was...

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