Warrior Parents-Anitra Elmore

By Anitra M. Elmore


Small Group Prayer Guide

If you’re facing a challenging time with your child, let’s pray through what you’re going through together.

If your troubles go beyond the normal, everyday parenting woes or the devil is taunting and tormenting your child in ways you never anticipated, don’t be discouraged. Rally your parenting prayer group and prepare to pray powerful, scripture-based prayers as you discover what it means to be WARRIOR PARENTS.

Get ready to experience exponential power as you partner in prayer with other parents. You’ll intercede for each other’s children, praying for their position, protection, potential, power, and peace while exploring what it means to war without worry, war well, war with the Word, war wisely, and war for the future.

This unique small group prayer guide includes insight to help you through your trial, pre-written prayers for children, daily Scriptures for parents, and a framework for five small-group meetings.



Anitra is a writer, teacher, and content creator on a mission to amplify the truth of God’s Word and lead others to full and purpose-filled lives.  In addition to her own self-published work, she has contributed to two women’s devotionals with the Women of King’s Park International Church (Peaceful Paths and Devoted) and she runs Orchard Scribe, a collaborative blog to help believers grow in their faith. She and her husband, Darold, are marriage small group leaders committed to equipping families for transgenerational wholeness. The two Chicago natives currently live in Cary, NC with their two children.

Anitra Elmore

Praise for warrior parents small group prayer guide


This is the fierce warrior from whom I want to learn! In this book, Anitra Elmore guides parents to intercede as fierce warrior for our kids (babies and grown!) as they face big obstacles. I’m so grateful to have this book in my parenting library!

– Amazon Reviewer


I appreciate this book as it’s a well written and organized guide for praying for your children. It is written for people who are in crisis and those who are just in the day-to-day parenting mode. I highly recommend it for a group or partner study and prayer.

– Amazon Reviewer