Kellee Metty

Hello! Welcome to the musings of this wife, mom, Nana and business owner. I was born 60 years ago and born-again 50 years ago! I’m in the building business: my greatest earthly joy has been to build a life with my husband Kirk of 36+ years which is building an inheritance for eternity. I preside as matriarch, praying over a growing tribe of 4 children and their spouses, and 11 grandchildren (so far). And Kirk and I build custom homes for about 6-10 clients per year, where I provide the form while he provides the function ( Hospitality is our primary gift from the Lord that fits so nicely with this call to build homes and has afforded us the treasure of having hundreds of guests from all over the world. What a peek into our Heavenly home!


What motivates people to do good things? I've been thinking about being a good person, about...

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I’m sitting here alone at my cozy writing retreat on a bright cold day, with a blank sheet of...

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