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A Prayer for 2024

by Tara Kenchen | Jan 10, 2024 | foundation | 0 comments

Father, we are thankful for Your care. We acknowledge that You are great and majestic. You are above all—nothing and no one compares to You.

We are grateful for this new year. Even though we might be wounded, broken, or despondent from the experiences of 2023, we give You praise for a fresh start.

We ask You to make us fit for this year.

Help us to forgive and let go of past events that hold us hostage.

Help us to adjust any attitude or mindset that would hold us back from purpose.

Heal our wounds and repair our brokenness.

If we are grieving, help us to grieve well.

Make us fit for this year.

Breathe life into those of us who feel lifeless, like we are barely existing.

Give hope to those who have lost hope in life as a whole or in a specific situation.

Ignite dreams in those who have ceased to dream.

Give sight to those of us who have lost vision.

Make us fit for this year.

Heal our bodies and make them excellent temples. If we need to adjust any habits that damage our bodies, give us discipline to do so.

Give us energy, wisdom, and knowledge for every assignment.

Let us have a fresh anointing for a fresh dream.

Help us to remember that the same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead lives in us.

As we ask these things, we submit ourselves to You again, here and now, in 2024. We seek You first, so add all other things to our lives.

Help us to rise above every storm, speak to every mountain, and take down every giant.

Make us fit for this year.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

You share. We shout!

Your Scribe: Tara Kenchen

I'm Tara, a writer and speaker who is dedicated to seeing others walk in the freedom Christ offers us. I enjoy encouraging others through practical teaching, bible-based prayers, and words of restoration. Click my name above to see my full bio and check out my other posts.


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